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4 Easy Ways To Do An Audit On Your Social Media Accounts

We all want to know how to improve our social media presence but sometimes we don’t know where to start and it can be very overwhelming. We’ve broken down the simplest way to gather data about your social accounts in a user-friendly way. In just three easy steps using our audit template you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t on your social accounts.

Let’s dive into the first step of the audit!

1. Focus on one platform at a time

The word audit itself can be very overwhelming so starting with one platform at a time will help organize your data and not overwhelm you throughout the audit process. I recommend taking Instagram first and using that platform to see what content is working on your page. *Insider tip: Instagram has a creator feature that if you enable on your page allows you to get more information on your posts. You can see how many people shared your picture, saved it, and how many people interacted with it. This is such valuable information to see what posts are successful.

2. Go week by week

Take the audit one week at a time. The more you practice doing these self-audits they will get easier, but when you first start out it can be overwhelming how much information there actually is. If you take the audit one week at a time it will help give you a small glance into your profile and engagement. So start on a Monday taking notes of what you’ve posted and how the engagement was. You will do this everyday until the next Monday and then you can start to see trends among your content. For example, if you post quotes and they have the highest engagement that’s a trend specific to your page and followers. You can then use this information to better understand what to post and when to post.

Sample Week by Week Audit

3. Take the time to look at the time of day you are posting

It does matter when you post your content and this is something you will see when you do your audit. Pay attention to what exact times you post. *Insider tip: Most people are active on Instagram from 4-8pm every day and weekend tend to have an increase in engagement, so use that to your benefit! Once you see the time of day that does well for you then you should continue posting at that time every day! And it might vary day to day as well.

4. Look at each individual post you posted that day

For Monday look at what you’ve posted on your social media and see how many likes you have that’s the first thing to look at. After that look at how many people interacted with it but didn’t like it, how many comments you got and how many shares and saves. If you posted multiple posts in a day, look at all of them, not just one! And then after that look at the time of day you posted.

Overall just remember it doesn’t matter how you do the audit just get the information you need from the numbers you have! And don’t forget to use our template that easily outlines what to fill in for each day.

And remember always go back and re audit your account! The algorithm changes constantly so make sure every month you look at your numbers and how your content is doing.


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