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What if looks do matter?

Here’s the thing: when it comes to Instagram you don’t need (or want!!!) perfect feeds filled with perfect people in perfect squares. People are tired of that.

BUT, do the pictures need to be good quality? Do your graphics need to be clear and crisp? Yes, that makes a difference.

You’ve gone on a date with a cute guy only to realize his personality leaves plentyyyyy to be desired, right? Yeah, me too. So here’s what we know: the quality of the image needs to be good, but the content itself needs to be a reflection of the real you. You following me? We want to create a level of consistency and a congruent feel because we know IG is a VISUAL platform and a brand style will attract more ideal buyers.

We’re looking for quality here- that’s helps to create familiarity and connection. Developing a marketing style will draw more eyes to your feed and help with brand recognition.

This month I’m focusing on the aesthetic (the look!) of your brand and how easy it can be to create a brand style and reflect this on your social media. I will include tips and tricks to help you easily take pictures and edit them. I’ll also walk you through my fav editing apps for graphics. Don’t worry- we’ll keep it simple.

We’ll deep dive on this in my social media community, but I have something up my sleeve for you as well! Social media is supposed to be simple and fun, so let’s keep it that way!

More soon, RF


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