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5 Apps to create an awesome IGTV

Are you starting to see more and more IGTV and think “maybe I should try that?!”

YES! You should! With so much of content moving to video, IGTV is a great way to show your audience more of who you are, speak to them in a new way and repurpose content you’ve done in the past on a new platform. Plus, it’s not live so you can edit and re-record as much as needed! This can be a stepping stone to live video if you’re just not ready yet!

Sometimes having a few new tools pushes me into trying something new. I wanted to give you five apps that are simple even for beginners to help you when experimenting with IGTV.  

IGTV: you absolutely need to download the app IGTV. This isn’t a suggestion- you literally have to have it to upload your content. Think of it as how Facebook messenger is an app within an app but connected to your same Facebook account. IGTV is similar. You’ll upload your edited video into the IGTV app, but it will sync to your regular Instagram and the preview will show up on your feed if you select that option (definitely do that for more views!!).

  1. InShot: I love this app for editing video. So many options and features that are SIMPLE for the novice video editor! Select 9:16 format which is the perfect size for IG stories and IGTV. This is fun for even smaller videos like your instagram story and will allow you to trim videos, stream ones together, speed up timing and more effects that add some flavor to your feed. You’re going to like this one. 

  2. with close to 80% of media being consumed without sound, subtitles are super important for people to consume your content. is a simple app that allows you to add subtitles to your videos manually. There’s lots of different subtitle apps and solutions, but for someone brand new- this is a great place to start. Also, let this be more motivation to keep those videos less than five minutes!

  3. VSCO: VSCO now offers video editing, so if you’re just wanting to filter and adjust lighting and the aesthetic, this can be great for that. 

  4. CANVA: One thing that I’ve noticed making a difference in views on my account is when the cover photo tells what the video is about. So creating a custom graphic or adding text to a photo describing the main objective is a great idea. I love CANVA for this. 

Okay, no excuses now. You know you need to, you have the tools to make it great, and an audience waiting! Tag me when you make your first IGTV! Cheering you on!



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