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I’m Rebekah Fowlkes, I’m an Arkansas native with a knack for finding silver linings, big baubles, and items my children claim to be missing.

My mother jokes that while I didn’t finish college, I may have gotten a degree in Facebook.


It’s true.


It was signing up with that .edu email address back in 2004 that inspired my first love of social media. How could it not? In the platform's purest mission, my greatest desire was met- to be social!


Fast forward about five years and a few small children when I found the world of network marketing. After only seeing marginal success with one company, I took a hiatus and tried to figure out what I was missing. I reflected on misfires and ways I could work more efficiently before beginning again with a fresh start.


Marketing almost exclusively online with a distinct direction and a new company, I saw tremendous success.


What I’ve found in 15 years of scrolling these platforms, is that when you increase your engagement, you don’t have to worry about algorithms. Instead, we focus on clarifying your message, attracting the right people into your tribe, and creating relationships with ideal clients who genuinely need what you have to offer.


So many women create small businesses after recognizing they have something of value to offer the world. I'm here to provide simple steps that will help your target market come to the same realization.

So now we're not strangers anymore. We're just friends that haven't met! Talk soon, new friend! 

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