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Meet Rebekah

I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where my mama tells me I grew up playing “office” at a desk while holding a lap-full of baby dolls. A few decades later, not much has changed. I’m still in Little Rock, still working away at my computer, and still trying to snuggle babies that have somehow turned into preteens.

Truth be told, I am a consumer of information. You can pretty much ask me at any given time what I’m reading, and I’ll overshare about the two books I can’t put down, the one I’m listening to on Audible, and the podcast that is currently rocking my world. I can’t help it; I’m a life-long learner. But, what good is a lot of information, if you can’t give it away? I love to share tips, Truth, and life lessons with my friends, and if you hang through pictures of my kids’ endless ball tournaments, silly mom quotes, and sappy posts about my husband … well, then we’re friends. So, have a seat. Stay awhile.

My heart is in my home. I will always place my highest calling on being a mama to my yayhoots and a wife to my Eli. Here’s the deal: I want women to sharpen their skills, live to their potential, and try their best because I truly believe we are called, capable, and worthy of excellence. But, as I give tips on business and I talk about goals, marketing and success (along with recipes, fashion, and mindset, duh), I just need you to hear my heart that it is GOOD to have your focus on your home and to want to do that job well. If you have no interest in adding income to your family, that’s okay. You are doing valuable, honorable things by spending your days wiping bottoms and making a haven for those you hold the dearest. I have no doubt it is our most significant investment. And I believe you'll still pick up some valuable tips from my posts as well.

I started this site out of a love of seeing women mature in their strengths. Because here’s what I know: when women get stronger in their relationships, their businesses, and their families- everyone benefits. It is GOOD to want to grow. And it’s contagious! I’m excited about this little tribe of growers who can build, edify, and encourage each other along the way. I know you’re going to bring value to the table that we can all learn from. I have a feeling we’re going to do something cool here and I can’t wait to see it come together.


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