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How to Have a Better Morning

Mornings are my best time of the day. I will always pick waking up early over staying up late. I read some info on bettering your morning routine last month and I’m feeling so much more centered, productive, and just happy after working on this.

Wanna know the tips?

1. Don’t snooze your alarm. Turn it off and immediately put your feet on the floor (there was lots of advice on putting your alarm in a spot where you have to get up to turn it off ... try that if it’s a struggle).

2. Create a comfy space. Delegate a spot where you can sit/pray/meditate or just BE for a few minutes (hopefully longer!) before your house wakes up needing you.

3. Don’t look at your phone. Let the world stay out of your safe space for that brief, protected time. There’s many places in scripture that speaks to how our hearts are extra tender in the morning. I totally feel that to be true.

4. Do something that fills your cup. It is listening to worship music? Yoga? Reading? Do that.

5. Greet your people (or pets!!) happily. There’s a big difference in MY stress level when I can slowly wake up my kiddos. When they sleepily walk in the kitchen and I have EXTRA time to love on them, ask them how they slept, and breathe life into them, it's a game changer for all of our days. My mom was pretty great at this and I love getting to do this for my wee ones.

6. Create a morning routine for your kiddos. Once we’re out the door my kids have “days.” If it’s their “day” they get to sit in the front seat, they get to read our morning devotional (we love Jesus Today), and it’s also their night to help with dishes. Hearing them read God’s word is precious to me and it sets up the night time prayers in the evening about what God’s doing in their lives. It’s been a sweet add for us.

7. Try it for a whole week. I promise the 20-60 minutes of sleep you’re sacrificing will be made up in spades. And if you need to ease into it, do that! Start with just 15-20 minutes. Then the next week try 30. You're going to love this.


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