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Which is Better- Facebook or Instagram?

Facebook or Instagram: that is the question.

Believe me: I get this question a lot.

I know there’s always a lot of discussion over it, and I understand the debate. After all, choosing which platform to grow your brand on is a big decision.

While the answer can vary from person to person, it all boils down to where you have the most influence. Simply put: where are people best listening and interacting with what you’re posting?

Facebook often gets overlooked these days, but it shouldn’t. If you’re active on Facebook and your friends are regularly engaging with your content –– AKA liking/commenting/sending you DMs –– stay there! This is where an old adage comes in: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I will say from my own experience and helping friend after friend get their social strategies in order, picking one platform at a time and getting in a groove there — before you add in a second or third platform — is really wise. It’s just hard to do several things at a time. Not to mention, it’s hard to do several things at a time and do it well.

When you throw new things into the scenario?

Needless to say that’s even harder. Definitely keep this in mind when developing your social strategy. We all want to grow quickly and be successful, but slow and steady truly does win the race. (Are you tired of old adages yet? I promise that’s the last one.)

If you’re overcoming an influence issue, Instagram can be a great space to build a community that will like what you like, be interested in what you’re interested in, and most likely buy what you’re selling.

That’s the dream, right?

We find something we love and believe in, we want to tell the world, and then we want to have people see our product as valuable as we do. That is just the BEST feeling.

Still on the fence about building your brand on IG?

Here’s an interesting stat: Social Media Today says “On Facebook, only 32% of users engage with brands on a regular basis. When it comes to Instagram, on the other hand, 68% of users regularly engage with brands.”

The facts don’t lie. If you’re building a brand on IG, you’re in the right place. Kudos to you for being all business savvy! However, if you’re building your brand on Facebook, don’t get too concerned. Some people really do perform better on Facebook! (And remember: once you really, truly have influence on one platform, you can begin to start focusing on another.)

I personally think of Facebook as being a place where people go to connect with people they know in real life. On the other hand, I think of Instagram as being a place where people go to follow people they find interesting.

Instagram provides a great way to connect with people who think, act, and BUY like you –– thus making them your ideal customer.

Needless to say, I’m going to usually push people to build their brand on the ‘gram.

If you’re hesitant to start using Insta — or are doing well on Facebook and ready to branch out — relax and accept the fact that everything is going to be a little uncomfortable at first. New things always are! However, I’ll be right here holding your hand and showing you the ropes. Together we’re going to do BIG things.

Ready to dig a little deeper?

I worked with one of my besties to create this free guide to walk you through simple ways to increase your influence on Instagram. Download it here. As always, I can’t wait to see you grow your wings.


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