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What Should You Be Posting on Social?

With so many voices, so many tips and even so many facets of YOU, how do you decide what’s the best content to post? Not only does that feel overwhelming to get everything organized, it can be EXHAUSTING trying to decide, right? I want to take allll that decision fatigue off of you so that you can be creative and share your genius. I want social to be the EASIEST part of your marketing, sound good?! Let’s start with some simple tips to get you going.

Simple Social Tips:

1. Personal Content

People will respond to your authenticity, so make sure to be documenting your life. We can get stuck in a “I need to create value” rabbit hole that tells us we only need to give lots of tips, tutorials, and how-to’s … and lots of it. But truthfully, people WANT to know who you are as a person and love to see those glimpses into your everyday life. Don’t underestimate that! It will help to connect you to them and see you’re a real live person who is a lot more like them than they thought. That relatability and familiarity is so powerful! That connection is what will keep them engaged and returning to your account.

2. Valuable Content

There is so much noise on social media and sometimes it can feel like it’s hard to stand out. The way you create a community and is by posting content people want to keep coming back to- content that is SERVING them. The hard part of this is releasing the control of DEFINING what is valuable to people. The person consuming the content is the one who deems it valuable. It may make them laugh, it may make them feel connected to you, it may educate them on how to do something well. Whatever route you take- show up with that value consistently. Isn’t that what you want in real life? People that show up for you consistently? Social really isn’t any different. This make take some trial and error to see the kind of content that is both the most authentic to you AND resonating the most with your audience, but once you do get consistent, get creative, and get confident. THAT will provide value!

3. Shareable Content

A big part of engagement and post performance is attributed to when people are both saving and SHARING your content. So, how can we create content people want to save and share? One GREAT way to do that is through custom quotes and infographics. I love the apps Canva and WordSwag for creating these that are on track with your brand colors and feel. Whether it’s funny, insightful, or educational, quotes are a super easy way for people to serve their audiences. The cool part here is how it’s EXTRA easy to hit the little airplane button they see on your post and share to their story when they see something that served them. But it will be attributed to you so it’s getting more eyeballs on your account! This is a GREAT way to post because you’re basically serving your tribe in two ways- one because they’re seeing content as valuable themselves and two because you’re giving them content they can share with THEIR audience! Who doesn’t love a twofer?!


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