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How to grow your following and customer base on Insta

There are so many ways you can increase your following and customer base on Instagram! But I want to highlight two important ways that many don't know about. Many people don't realize on Instagram you are following people who are serving you in two ways.

They're either providing entertainment or education!

This can be anything from teaching you how to do something or showing you how to do something.

If it's entertainment, maybe you're making them laugh or you're just encouraging them. Sometimes people even follow other accounts who have completely different lives than them!

Regardless of what you're promoting on Instagram, remember you should provide education and entertainment to your customer base!

When you provide value or education your customers will want to come back and want to support you and your products. Always focus on what kind of value you can provide that has to do with the industry you are in!

Keep building that customer base!

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