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A Procrastinator's Holiday Gift Guide

Calling all procrastinators:

I know how we love the thrill of the last minute hunt ... the frenzy of pushing our carts through crowded stores on Christmas Eve, paying $20 more for expedited delivery and crossing that last name off the list with single digit hours to spare. But listen Linda, things are not as they once were. 2020 has changed the game. We must ... wait, imma use the most over-used and really unwelcomed word of 2020: we must pivot.

I’m bringing you a holiday gift guide for the people in your life you most want to bring yuletide joy but are looking around thinking "what have I done?" These aren’t full of specialty items, but they will be well received. Trust me, I’ve tested the theories. I’m a professional purchaser. And if I can find all of these items in the not-quite-thriving metropolis of Little Rock, Arkansas ... surely you can find these in a not-so-big-city near you.

I narrowed it down to women, men, teen/tween girls and teen/tween boys because that’s where I’m currently continuing my education and scientific studies of consumerism.

I know, I know, we’re short on time- without further ado:

Most men are hard to buy for. They just are. And if your husband is like mine, he’d likely to ask much each gift cost which sucks the merry spirits right outta of the whole thing. Bah humbug. However, here are some goodies I know the men in your life will love without busting the bank.

  1. Ice Mule Cooler: This backpack cooler is light weight, collapsible for easy packing and transporting, and has easy access to get in and out. Oh, and under $50.

  2. Mountain Khaki Vest: I’m a big fan of a guy in a vest, therefore I like to gift them to the men in my fam. And it’s usually a safe bet. If this Sherpa look isn’t your man’s style check out other brands like Patagonia, Howler Brothers, or Mountain Hardware.

  3. Apple Battery Case: the beauty of this case is your lightning phone charger works with the case. I know this is going to come a surprise to you, but I spend a lot of time on my phone, and this case keeps my phone charged for all my social stalking.

  4. On cloud running shoes: Eli’s one of those shoppers where when he finds something he likes it he buys it in like 14 colors. I say “one of those shoppers” like that’s a thing. I had never heard of this before Eli, but ... I hear there’s more of you. If so, you’re going to want to check out this style of shoe. They’re all the rage.

  5. Smoker: the better to eat at home, my dear. With the lack of dining out the last several months, we’re really into anything that spices up our dining in. This smoker has done just that and Eli has loved learning a new way to cook outside. And I’m all for that.

  6. Solar Power Bank: whether you’re a doomsday prepper or an avid outdoorsman, this solar powered battery pack is a great stocking stuffer to add to the list.

  7. Powerbeats Pro: when it comes to AirPods or Powerbeats, you’re gonna wanna go with the Powerbeats. I have the AirPod pros (which I totally love) and Eli has the Powerbeats and I’m just gonna tell ya, his are better. They’re more comfortable, the sound is superior in every way and they just seem ... nicer ... I don’t really know how to explain that but I do have a sixth sense for fancy. And they’re fancier. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Southern marsh duffle: I think if it weren’t for me Eli would travel with his backpack and a Kroger sack. Thankfully, I’m here to help. This is a great duffle and one he’ll use for years to come because I am believing well be packing bags and heading to fun places soon ...

  9. Robe: While this doesn't tend to be top of most men's wishlist, it's a great gift item in something they probably won't buy themselves. I mean, just click on the link I provided to see how happy that man is to be wearing that robe!

Whether you’re buying for your sister, mother, bestie or still needing to drop some hints to your hubs, here’s some of my faves of the season.

  1. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser: I’m obsessed with all things smell good, but because of all the toxins in scented candles (I know, I know ... I’m crazy ... but research it. I get headaches and nausea when I burn them too long, so I save them for company. Which makes exactly zero sense ... but, here we are). ANYWHO, I love essential oils and keep them diffusing in the house often. This diffuser has all the good feels and smells!

  2. LuluLemon Joggers: really, LuluLemon anything, but these align joggers have been two of my fav quarantine purchases. They’re high waisted, feel like butter and don’t cut off your circulation when you wear them. Truth be told, I’m not a huge leggings fan, I prefer my comfies to have a drawstring, B U T this is a great compromise. Also, if any of your fam is in the military or law enforcement you get 25% off at Lulu. DID YOU KNOW THIS?! I find that amazing. Hurry over.

  3. Barefoot Dreams blanket: I can’t think of anything more luxurious than Barefoot Dreams. I have everything from cardigans and travel shawls to socks and blankets. It’s. The. Best. And you can’t go wrong with gifting it!

  4. Kendra Scott star studs. I’ve taken quite a liking to studs this year. With all the zooms and staying at home my big earrings just seemed a little too much, but the sparkle in these pretties are a way to meet in the middle.

  5. DeLonghi expresso maker: since I “went there” already telling you candles were poisonous, I’m just gonna take the gloves off and tell you something you should move away from in 2021 are the pods you’re drinking coffee from everyday (don’t break up with me!!) There’s things you do that aren’t great for you here and there, but the DAILY things are what add up ... and drinking boiling hot liquid through plastic (keurig) or aluminum (nespresso) pods isn’t the best idea ever. But if you’re looking at me in horror right now, just keep on keepin on. There’s plenty of us with wild opinions on the www.

  6. Airpod Pros: if you’re an apple girl and have been using the airpods, the AirPod pros are way better. I think the regular AirPods hurt my ears, but the pros are a better fit, softer in your ear and have a noise cancelling feature that’s super cool. I literally wear these everyday.

  7. Project Social Lounge sets: all my go to shops have fun lounge sets and I've basically been waiting my whole life for these things to be cool. These cute and comfies can be a splurge which makes them the perfect gift! Something you wouldn’t usually buy yourself but will LOVE having! Also check ole' trusty (Target) for lots of options there as well.

  8. How weird does this hair wand look? Real weird. BUT, I’ve used expensive wands and cheap wands, straighteners and hair tools out the wazoo ... but this is the one I come back to. It’s easy to hold, is the perfect barrel size and lets you control the temps. I’m raising my right hand and promising it’s the best in all the land.

  9. Jo Malone: body creams, bath oils, and perfume, oh my. Jo Malone is the gift I always want to see under the tree. After having so many little people hanging on me and wiping things on me for so many years, it’s never lost on me when someone says “oh, you smell good.” Jo’s the secret sauce.

  10. Ugg Slippers: these seem a little ridiculous, but I’m still so drawn to them! If we’re going to be home all the time, we may as well be fabulous.

Teen girls are almost the easiest to buy for because they like so many things. And to be honest, I live vicariously through these purchases because I love all of them too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with direction, start here 👇🏼

  1. Dainty necklaces are all the rage over here and I love this oval link style chain from Nordstrom ... these are great to layer!

  2. With the amount of lounge wear I’ve bought this year, I dare not throw shade for prioritizing comfy over cute ... but can we just stop with the fuzzy socks with Birkenstocks? Please. I digress. The obsession with sweatshirts is strong and Av’s fav place for sweatshirts is Check them out!

  3. Daydreamer Tees: splurge item? Yes. But use their cute graphic tees as inspo style- because there’s plenty of knock offs at Target!

  4. Tumblers: it seems as though there’s always a new trendy way to get half our bodies weight in water in. This tumbler style is a fan fav. I always find really cute ones at Target and Hobby Lobby.

  5. Personalized Mia Bag: while this was a hot item on avery’s wishlist, I think it’s a little late for personalized items. BUT, backpacks are a GREAT gift item (sports, sleepovers or everyday) here and here are a couple dupes (plus, remember this for an idea for later! Truth be told, I’m moving it to my personal wish list too!) 😏

  6. Studs: while I love this Free People cuteness, I’ve had great success ordering from Amazon in sets here and here and this will arrive by Christmas! 🤗 also, Av specifically asked for these from Millie Mae Collection and I can see why!

  7. Air Force One: there’s always a must-have shoe. This is the must-have shoe.

  8. LuluLemon leggings: Lulu is always a safe bet.

  9. Glossy Pops: one side lip balm, one side gloss. These are super fun and cute!

  10. Luxe cosmetic bags: these are at several boutiques around town and I “ooh and ahh” every time I see them. I’m sure your gift recipient will have the same response!

And this one's for the boys. Mine are in this funky stage where they're still little boys that love to play ... but also getting bigger and wanting to be seen as little men as well. Trying to balance that with their Christmas lists.

  1. Mine are definitely big into Fortnite and looking for ways to up their game there ... headsets, controllers and the ridiculousness that is VBucks are topping their requests to Santa.

  2. Gatorade GX bottle: These were a big gift item last year and apparently they're still hot again this year. They add these little special pods to the water bottle and bring to games, etc. You can't have enough water bottles (or that's what I'm telling myself since we literally have two cabinets full of them!).

  3. Sneakers: My boys could care less if their clothes are from goodwill five years ago (evidenced by their wardrobe on a daily basis), but they love themselves a sneaker. New kicks top their lists every year.

  4. Feejays: These aren't your ordinary sweatpants friends. Please notice that they have the footies attached!! Dalton's literally have holes in them from last year because he wears them every. single. day. You can roll the feet up if you so desire, but clearly he does not. And don't worry, they come in adult sizes too.

  5. Price Warriors book series: while they didn't ask for these books, I know my readers will love this series after hearing review after review from boy mama who sang their praises. Happy to have them under the tree.

  6. Patagonia fleece: I like that they're not wearing a hoodie with a sports logo and they like the camo fun print. It's a win-win.

  7. Spike Ball: We first saw this game on Shark Tank and then I saw people playing this a lot at the beach this summer and I know they'll think this is fun once we get the hang of it. I'm always looking for more things for them to do outside.

  8. All the sports equipment: There's always something sporty they're wanting to update or replace ... basketballs, batting gloves, bats, gloves, or even knee pads. There's some sporty surprises wrapped under the tree this year for sure.

  9. LED strip lights: I have no idea the appeal to these, but all three of my kids love these. Avery even requested some waterproof ones that are on little hockey pucks linked here that go in the shower. Bizarre. But apparently they're into it. Whatever, man.

  10. Crocs: as bad as crocs are, these are taking it up a notch because they requested they're sherpa lined! So ... there's that.

These lists always give me ideas and spark creativity for something else. I hope it had the same effect on you.

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