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6 Reasons You Should Be Using IGTV

IGTV is longer-format video that stays on your feed forever (unlike IGTV that disappears in 24 hours) and helps to connect to your audience in a way a traditional post can’t deliver. You want in on this and here’s a few reasons why:

1. IG Prioritzes Video

Instagram prioritizes video on the app and this is a part of the platform that not as many people are taking advantage which means less competition. You can increase the time people spend on your Instagram by 80% if you post a video and the longer they’re with you, the more connected the two of you become.

I love numbers and stats- so check this out: Users are two times more likely to tell other people about a video they saw on Instagram rather than an image or text. AND 25% of IG users have made a purchase immediately after watching a video. People feel more comfortable buying things or trusting your judgement if they see your face and video does just that. It allows a special look at who you are, highlights your personality and nurtures the relationship in a way pics and captions fall short. #yesplease

2. Forward Thinking

Analytics continue to suggest that video is the future, so start using it NOW! According to Cisco they are predicting by 2021 that 78% of mobile data traffic will be video! WHOA! So yes, it’s totally more vulnerable … it is. BUT, this will help you to get ultimate visibility AND stand out from the crowd. I know you can do it!

3. Like, Know & Trust Factor

Let’s pretend you met someone on a dating site … you exchange text messages and stalk their profile pics, but you still don’t really feel like you KNOW them. HOWEVER, if you started to utilize Facetime or Zoom you could probably get a much better idea if y’all were a fit through those video chats. Video creates a much stronger familiarity that is so powerful. It ups your “know, like, trust factor” at turbo speed. Little things like your accent, word choices, even talking with your hands- this helps people connect to you in a unique way that just won’t happen in a static image.

4. Way to Repurpose Content

This is a great way to take posts/stories/insights from past posts, instagram stories, blogs, facebook stories and re-use the content. Find old posts of yours that performed well or resonated with people and repurpose them into an IGTV. This is a new angle/perspective that people will see as new content and allows you to work smarter not harder.

5. Shareable

Think of IGTV as a tool for your followers to share with theirs. It’s giving them an opportunity to add value to their audience through your content- huge win! This means you’re adding value by providing great content for them AND giving them something they can share. In addition to that, the algorithm prioritizes those “saves” and “shares” so it’s helping to increase your visibility simply by sharing via video.

6. Social Proof

IGTV is a great place to share testimonials. This could be customer experiences, teammate successes or stories that make your heart happy. Seeing other people sharing and reviewing your products and business gives proof to your social network that your products and business could be a fit for them too!

IGTV is a great way to talk to your audience in a new way, get more eyeballs on your post, and deepen your relationship with your followers. Don’t overthink it! Just do it! Still not convinced? Have you checked out my membership community where we’re covering all things IGTV this month? Join us and see how simple social can be!



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